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Audi RS4 car seats worth £5k stolen from luxury Audis across the UK

Our Audi upgrade Package

If you own an Audi and your on an Audi forum, you’ve Prob heard of the increase in break-ins on these vehicles over the past few weeks. The thief’s have now found a way to disable the factory alarm system. The main car at present under attack is the RS4. after smashing the window the roof lining is pulled down to disable the internal sensors of the oem alarm system.
They are then free to work on the car with no interruptions.
On the RS4s there main goal is to steal the seats which are unbolted and pulled through the smash shed window in no time at all. These seats are priced at anything up to £5k each by Audi dealerships. This normally leads to their insurance company writing the car off. The damaged caused by the seats being pulled through is extensive. Most of the internal panels are badly broken and scratched leaving these cars in a really bad state. We visited one garage to fit an alarm to a customers car reported 10 attacks the same way to the same vehicles over a period of a few months. Unfortunately this is what we started to see with BMW theft. First they targeted items inside the car, before long the cars were simply disappearing of the owners drive way. At first it deemed impossible for the immobiliser to be cracked. Before long owners home CCTV showed the theft simply smashing the window, plugging a key cloning device into the OBD port and simply unlocking the car and driving away all in under 30 seconds.

The problem with factory fitted alarms systems are that every car manufactured has the exact same system in the same place running the same technology. All it takes is an organised gang to get one of these cars in and work out, how to hack the cars ecu and clone a new key. Silence the siren and disable the sensors. So far over the past 18 months we have seen a huge increase certain areas of fords incising Focus RS and Fiesta zetecs, all the BMW range with thousands of cars stolen all across the country and now Audis mostly RS4 S4 basically anything with an S in it worth stealing.

Our Audi Viper Package includes a 2-way 2000 foot paging remote with an engine immobiliser and our all important specially designed OBD port immobilisation (To help combat key cloning) We have also upgraded the system with two sensors. Firstly a dual motion sensor with external warn away. This sensor beeps to warn anyone away from the car and covers the all important black spot in your Audis OEM alarms internal sensor. We can set this sensor to beep only if someone looks through the window minimizing false alarms. Secondly an impact sensor. This activates the alarm if the car is hit in anyway.

If you’ve ever set your factory Audi siren off, you would have heard the poor not so loud factory fitted siren. Its quiet and sounds like one of those vehicle reversing sounds the bin lorries make. The Viper siren is a much louder at 120db. it also features a fully adjustable 1-6 tone siren. (Which can also be fully programmed to just 1 tone) We can even program the alarm not to beep when you arm disarm the system making the install as OEM as possible. One customer asked us to attach the alarm to his horn. This is also possible on the Audi for extra noise factor!

The problem with conventional car alarms are that to everyone else, they are just an annoying sound in the night. The only person that cares if a car alarm is sounding is the owner. That’s why we included a 2000 foot viper LED (Ghost light) pager key fob in our package. If your alarm system is activated, the pager remote will beep and flash lighting up like an Xmas tree, warning you your alarm has activated. The 2-way remote will also confirm your commands virtually instantly using brilliant flashing hidden GhostLight™ LEDs on the remote. Range is a rock solid up to 2,000 foot range, which can be upgraded to a mile range if needed.

We now have 2 ways to control the new viper system. With Audi firmware installed onto the alarm, this system can be fully armed and disarmed using standard Audi key fob to arm and disarm the viper alarm system. When you lock the doors from your Audi remote, the viper alarm will also arm. We can also turn off the arm and disarm beeps so make the install look completly factory. This system is wired more for convience.

The second and more secure way is we can wire the new viper alarm to work completely independent through the viper remote. Once armed you won’t be able to turn off the viper or start the car even with your original Audi remote, as the viper independently immobilises your car. This way also arms/disarms your Oem audi alarm system giving you double protection. This makes any future audi key cloning technology which could be acquired by the theft in the future useless, as the car won’t start even with a factory remote or key.

Secure My Car Audi Viper Upgrade Package. Whats Includes:

Includes One 2 way Responder LED Ghost light up to 2000 foot range remote
Revenger® 6 Tone Siren 120db siren
Extra 2 sensors –
Dual Proximity sensor with warn away
Dual impact sesnor with warn away
2nd Engine immobiliser
Specialist canbus module with latest Audi firmware installed for full digital control of your car
Trunk pop from viper remote
Total closure when arming the alarm
fully fitted by our Audi & BMW specialist installer
Option to upgrade to remote engine start.(not included in this package) *
SmartStart™ Compatible
The package fully fitted to any BMW is £550
* Spare key is needed if remote start is added. Automatic transmission vehicles only. Remote start is not included in this package but can be added for £100

Secure My Car Viper Audi package fitted is £550

I have personally designed this system and fitted it to hundreds of BMWs, Audis and high end Ford models over the past 18 months alone. We have tested it on our own BMW M3 and with BMWs diagnostic computer. When our alarm system is armed the OBD port can not communicate with the cars main brain, making it almost impossible to clone a new key to the car. Future proof. When the viper alarm is disarmed the OBD port is open and free to use for diagnostics. The way car manufacturers should have wired it in the first place! The system will also not affect any of the electrics on your car, weather factory fitted or after market. It will also not void your Vehicles manufacturers warranty in any way.

Fitting – We can also come to you. We only charge £55 for mobile fitting up to 125 miles from us. This covers our cost of traveling expense to come to you. For over 125 miles please email for prices. Your car can also be brought to us near Bristol for installation.

For even more security, You can also add extra sensors for maximum security

Extra Sensors
Glass break sensor which detects the high frequency sound of breaking glass – £45

Tilt sensor good if you have expensive alloy wheels – £65

Upgrade your package with a 3 full pager LCD remote.

As we use the highest spec alarm system Viper make, we can program any of vipers LCD remotes into your package. The LCD remote give more real time information over your car. If you leave a boot bonnet or door open the remote will instantly warn you as you leave the vehicle. The screen will show full states of the alarm system at all times, including the temperature inside the vehicle. Another advantage of upgrading the LCD remote is full warm away functions are transmitted to the remote. So even if someone is hanging around your car for too long, you’ll know about it.
Upgrade remote prices
2″ LCD up to 2000 foot range pager upgrade – £85
2″ LCD multi colour back light display up to 1 mile range – £145
2.5″ Colour animated remote – £220

Other alarm extras and upgrades

Viper flashing window logo – £30

Remote engine start (a spare Audi key is needed for this install) – £100

Viper smartstart phone module..

Smartstart basically allows you to control your car via your smartphone. If its installed onto your car, smarstart can control it. You can track your car instantly via the app on your phone with secure login details, as well as start, lock and unlock your BMW via your smartphone. As the system is connected to your viper alarm you will receive real time updates. If your alarm is activated, then you smart phone will mimic the sound of your siren through the smart app. From this app you can also lock arm your alarm, Pop the boot. Remote start (if fitted to the car) close the windows, And locate the car at anytime. With geo fences, gps speed detections, smartpark the list of features for Smartstart go on and on. Yearly subscription gives you unlimited use of your system. The annual SmartStart Service Plan can be purchased from us at an additional cost of £99 after installation. You can download the app now from your app store for a fee trial. Just search for viper smartstart on iTunes, blackberry or android.

Smartstart demo –

Smarstart special offer – £100 off
SecureMyCar Viper Audi & BMW upgrade package with smarstart – NEW price £999.99 fitted or with out remote start £899.99

For more info on smartstart GSM or bluetooth, please see link below or give us a call

Keep your insurance happy with our Insurance approved tracker
Smartrack – discounted to £199 when fitted with our alarm packages. (Yearly Subscription required)

New for 2013) Bluetooth control. Lock unlock your car via your mobile phone (Plus Remote start if installed on your car) turn your mobile phone into the key fob to your car. Please email for more details – £165 fitted

New for 2013 – PKE comfort Access for your BMW viper security system. The kit includes a small key fob which you hang on your car keys. As you walk close to your car, the fob is sensed by the viper alarm system and the car unlocks. And vise versa when you walk away – £199 fitted

BMW demo car PKE & Bluetooth Smartstart –

Remote engine start from your original Audi remote. (No alarm required)Start your car from your BMW key fob by pressing the lock button 3x. Also includes keyless go – £399 fitted

Check out our demo car with this fitted on YouTube. Link below

Below is a link to our website for more information on Audi thefts. We add information to this site all the time. Here we have more info on BMW key cloning and a videos of our demo M3

Full price list
Our Viper Audi alarm upgrade £550
Remote Start £100
Mobile fitting from £55
Glass break sensor £45
Tilt sensor £65
Flashing viper logo £30
Upgrade LCD remote
2000 foot £100
Smarstart bluetooth £165
PKE £199.99 (extra antenna normally needed for boot area £55)
2nd PKE spare remote
BMW oem fob remote start only £375
Smarstart GPS £400
Annual subscription £199
Smartrack insurance approved tracker £199 – only when fitted with our viper alarm other wise £400.
OBD port relocation £35